Chicago Hardwood No. 2 Steel Wool Reel Medium Coarse 4 Inch Wide 5 Pounds

This Medium Coarse grit steel wool is normally used for burnishing in soft finished like Dura Seal Paste wax and DuraFinish Liguid Floor Wax. It is also use in recoating waxed floors in combination with Dura Seal Renovator or Dura Seal Wax and Cleaner. This reel of #2 steel wool is 4" wide, 5 pounds in weight, and perfect for making your own pads for use by hand, or for use with a buffer.

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This 4 inch wide continuous ribbon of steel wool allows for easy making of pads for a large variety of industrial, professional, and maintenance applications

Use Medium Coarse #2 Steel Wool to remove paint from molding and awkward corners. Etch porcelain and metal surfaces. Remove wax build-up and scuff marks from floors. Clean glass block.

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