ProCoat Purethane Waterborne Wood Finish

ProCoat Purethane wood finish is an advanced waterborne technology that has pure beauty from start to finish. Exclusively designed for high traffic commercial flooring. This product produces an extremely clear coating that exhibits outstanding abrasion, scuff and chemical resistance. It also maintains the highest black heel mark resistance (BHMR) in its class. Purethane’s two-component formula delivers the durability and performance expected for heavy-traffic commercial, residential and sport floors.

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More About ProCoat Purethane Waterborne Wood Finish

WOOD: Newly sanded floors: 1 coat ProCoat Splashdown Wood Sealer with 2-3 coats of Purethane.

When coating over stains allow stain to dry per manufacturer’s directions or longer depending on atmospheric conditions. A test area is recommended to insure compatibility with stain.

Recoating existing surfaces:

Abrade with appropriate screen or conditioning pad and apply 1 coat of Splashdown with 1 coat of Purethane. When recoating existing surfaces compatibility must be determined by applicator.